Hello, I'm
Quinn Larson a Programmer a Game Maker

ラーソン クイン プログラマー ゲームクリエイター

I'm an experienced game developer looking for a team of enthusiastic game makers in the Kansai area.



My Games

Relevant Experience


Full Stack DeveloperIBR Limited

I joined the IBR team to facilitate the company's transition to online sales. Since I started I have created and launched 2 custom built E-Commerce sites. These sites include html-5 shopping client hosted shopping carts and node.js back ends for credit card processing and order management.


DeveloperRamble House Games

After having developed my skills in a professional setting, I decided to pursue yet another lifelong dream of publishing my own game. As a one man team, time management and budgeting were paramount. I learned a great deal about delegation as several of the art assets were produced by freelancers. Although the game was not a commercial success, I am very proud of what I was able to achieve.


Gameplay ProgrammerPlaylab

Playlab presented me with the opportunity to fulfill another childhood dream, making games. When I joined Playlab the company consisted of 15 people working out of an apartment in Bangkok. By the time I left, it was the largest mobile game studio in south east Asia with over 100 employees and offices in both Thailand and The Philippines. Playlab maintained a flat hierarchy where employees were assigned features to champion. This meant that I wore the programmer hat for features championed by my colleagues and the producer hat for features which I championed.


Mobile Device SpecialistApple

As a long-time fan of Apple Products, joining apple as an employee was a dream come true. My position allowed me to combine my passion for technology with my love for creative problem solving to deliver life changing results to Apple’s customers. While technical knowledge was an important part of this job, the most important skill was empathy, and the ability to intuit a customer’s needs and pain points regardless of their technical skill level.



Graduated Bachelor of BusinessUniversity of Northern Colorado

To request more information or schedule an interview:

Or Email: quinn@ramblehousegames.com